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Starter Motor Fits 10-16 EQUINOX 336529

 Starter Motor Fits 10 16 EQUINOX 336529
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Starter Motor Fits 10-16 EQUINOX 336529


This part was pulled from a 2015 TERRAIN with approximately 24000 miles.

Detailed information on this part may be found in the part information section below. It will be compatible with the vehicle indicated, and will also be compatible with other makes and models as indicated in the part compatiblity section below.

If you are not sure if this part is compatible with your vehicle, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns before you make your purchase.


Part Information:

Inventory #: 604-00142
Item ID#: 336529
Part Placement:
Our Notes: 2.4,AT,11/14

Donor Vehicle Information:

Year: 2015
Mileage: 24000 (0=Unknown)
Stock #: AA4794

This Part Is Compatible With The Following Makes, Models, & Options:

AURA 09 2.4LCAPTIVA SPORT 13 (2.4L)MALIBU 08 classic style (emblem in grille), 2.2LVERANO 14-16VUE 08 2.4LORLANDO 12-13 ATTERRAIN 10-12 2.4LMALIBU 13-14 2.4LREGAL 11-13REGAL 14-16 2.4LLACROSSE 11-13 2.4LG5 08-10HHR 08-11LACROSSE 14-16 2.4LLACROSSE 10 2.4LMALIBU 08 new style (emblem in bumper cover), 2.4LORLANDO 14 ATIMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4LVUE 09-10 2.4LG6 10 2.4LEQUINOX 13-16 2.4LSKY 08-10AURA 07-08 2.4LTERRAIN 13-16 2.4LVERANO 12-13CAPTIVA SPORT 12 2.4LCOBALT 08-10EQUINOX 10-12 2.4LG6 08-09 2.4LALLURE 10 2.4LCAPTIVA SPORT 14-15MALIBU 09-12 2.4LSOLSTICE 08-10

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A Grade - The highest quality part. It is of low miles and/or exceptional condition for its age.
B Grade - The second level quality part. It is of average miles and normal condition for its age.
C Grade - The third level quality part. It has high miles and/or light damage.
No Grade - A part that has not yet been graded.

Damage Codes: (See Conditions & Options Above)

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 Starter Motor Fits 10 16 EQUINOX 336529

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