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Starter Motor 2009 G5 Sku#2038786

 Starter Motor 2009 G5 Sku#2038786
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Starter Motor 2009 G5 Sku#2038786

Item Description


This for a USED OEM Starter Motor pulled from a 2009 G5 with 46929 actual miles on it.

Here are our part notes about this specific part:

2.2l,Quality Recycled Oem Part

Our Part #: 604-00142, 2038786

Our Stock#: 7R0242

Please see the fitment section below to make sure this will fit your vehicle. Pay special attention to any options listed!!! In some cases, it may only fit vehicles with certain options or specific ID#s as listed below.

This Part Will Fit The Following Vehicles Listed Below

G6 10 2.4LHHR 08-11VUE 08 2.4LCAPTIVA SPORT 14-15VERANO 14-16LACROSSE 10 2.4LLACROSSE 14-16 2.4LSKY 08-10MALIBU 08 new style (emblem in bumper cover), 2.4LORLANDO 12-13 ATAURA 07-08 2.4LIMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4LLACROSSE 11-13 2.4LREGAL 11-13EQUINOX 10-12 2.4LG5 08-10MALIBU 13-14 2.4LALLURE 10 2.4LG6 08-09 2.4LREGAL 14-15 2.4LTERRAIN 13-15 2.4LEQUINOX 13-15 2.4LTERRAIN 10-12 2.4LAURA 09 2.4LMALIBU 08 classic style (emblem in grille), 2.2LVERANO 12-13VUE 09-10 2.4LCAPTIVA SPORT 13 (2.4L)COBALT 08-10CAPTIVA SPORT 12 2.4LSOLSTICE 08-10MALIBU 09-12 2.4LORLANDO 14 AT

Whats Included?

Whats Included?

FAQ/ Help




Whats Included?

Here is a short description of what will generally be included with your item. If you would like more information or are unsure if something will come with your item, PLEASE ASK!!

A/C Compressor: Includes the clutch/pulley assembly
A/C Condenser: Sensors and hoses are not included
ABS Units: Include the ATTACHED electronic module unless otherwise noted
Alternator: Includes the pulley. Any brackets are not included
Axle/CV shaft: Does not include the axle nut
Blower Motor: Include the squirrel cage/fan blade
Caliper: Includes the bracket and slides. Slides are not covered under warranty
Column Switch: Includes wiring (if applicable) up to the first point it can be unplugged
Control Arm: Includes the ball joint and any bushings
Coolant Overflow Bottle: Cap is included
Cowl Vent Panel: See Our Part notes, often sold as one side only
Differential Carrier: Does not include axles
Door Trim Panel: Includes handle and armrest. Does not include window/lock switches

Included for convenience unless otherwise noted. These parts are not covered under warranty: Intake manifold, fuel injectors, oil pan, sensors, water pump
Not included: Throttle body, Turbo, wiring harness exhaust manifold (may be left on in certain cases)

Exhaust Manifold: Does not include turbo where applicable
Fan Assembly: Includes motors, shroud, and blades.
Fuel injectors: See our part notes
Fuel Filler Door: Includes hinge. Does not include bolts/hardware
Fuel Pump: Includes sending unit and any molded hoses that are non-removable
Headlight: Brackets are included unless otherwise noted. HID headlights include the bulbs and ballast
Hub: Includes wheel studs
Ignition Coil(s): See part notes
Interior Rear View Mirror: Does not included bracket glued to windshield
Jack: See part notes. If noted as assembly, it will include the lug wrench
Mass Airflow Sensor: Does not include housing unless pictured
Power Steering Pump: Includes pulley and ATTACHED reservoir. Remote reservoirs and brackets will not be included
Power Steering Gear: Includes pitman arm
Rack and Pinion: Includes tie rods but they are not covered under warranty
Radio: Pay special attention to our fitment description. Often times radios are more than one piece and we sell them each separately
Spindle/Knuckle: Does not include hub unless noted
Starter: Includes solenoid
Strut: Struts are left assembled and include top plate, spring, and dust boot (dust boots on used struts are rarely in perfect shape)
Stabilizer Bar: Does not include links or bushings
Sunvisor: Does not include clip
Taillight: Pay special attention to fitment as we list the trunk lid mounted taillights as well as the corners. Does not include bulbs
Temperature Control: Includes all knobs, buttons, and sliders
Throttle Body: Includes sensors but they are not covered under our warranty

Automatic transmissions include torque converters and sensors. Many newer transmissions require a relearn/programming procedure.
Manual transmissions do not include any part of the clutch system.

Transfer Case: Does not include electric shift motor
Washer Reservoir/Bottle: Includes cap unless noted
Wheel/Rim: Does not include center cap, tire, or lug nuts
Window Regulator: Does not include motor unless noted (most are noted with motor)
Wiper Motor: Does not include arms or transmission unless noted
Wiper Transmission: Does not include motor or arms unless noted

FAQ/ Help

FAQ/ Help

Will this fit my vehicle?  Is this the right part?     This is the most common question that we get.  The fitment information can be confusing if you don't buy replacement parts everyday.  Please contact us if you are unsure!!  We try to respond to questions as quickly as possible and we are more than happy to answer any questions as best as we can.  In order to speed up the process, it is very helpful, but not required, for you to send us your full VIN number along with your question.

It looks like its the same color as my car, how can I tell for sure?    The best way is to match the manufacturer paint code.  Most of the time we include the paint code in our part notes.  If you don't know what a paint code is or where yours is located, please feel free to ask.  We are happy to help.

I only see photos of the vehicle and not the actual part you are selling.  Can you send me some?    Our most recent listings include actual photos when we can provide them.  If you would like an actual photo, we are more than happy to take one after the purchase for your approval before the part ships.  Just leave us a message during ebay checkout.  In certain cases we will take actual photos before a purchase is made.  This is on a case by case basis.  Send us a message and we will let you know if it is possible for us to do so

 I see a wheel that says it is "B" condition, what does that mean?     Grading of parts is a very subjective process but we do our best to keep it uniform.  Here is a brief description of wheel grades:

A Condition, A-COND = This is the highest grade used wheel.  It will have very minor imperfections but will be in better condition than 90% of vehicles on the road.
B Condition, B-COND = This wheel will have some cosmetic imperfections.  It is in average condition for the year and mileage of the donor vehicle. It may have minor scratches and clear coat peeling. This is still a fairly nice     looking, used wheel
C Condition, C-COND = This wheel will have very noticeable cosmetic issues.  These may include deep scratches, scrapes, major clear coat peeling, and/or some curb rash on the lip.  These wheels are still guaranteed to be straight and true, just not the best looking.

How are your parts graded in general?     Here is our standard grading process for all other parts:

A Grade: The highest quality used part.   "A" parts have less than 60,000 miles OR less than 15,000 miles per year.  Example: An 8 year old vehicle with 115,000 miles is still an "A" grade, based on miles per year as long as there is no physical damage.
B Grade: The second quality of used part.  "B" parts have average miles  and condition for its age.  "B" parts have more than 15,000 miles per year of age.
C Grade: The third level of quality of a used part.  It will have high miles or minor damage.



Smaller items will ship via UPS Ground
Larger items (engines, transmissions, transfer cases, etc) will be shipped via FREIGHT CARRIER and we will need to contact you to verify the shipping details
Ebay FAST 'N FREE is only an estimate. If you need accurate transit times, please contact us.



Buy it now items require immediate payment through paypal
Best offer: We require payment within 2 days after your best offer is accepted.
Local Pickup: If your item is specified as local pickup, it is recommended that you pay for the item when you pick it up. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.




We accept returns for any reason for 60 days from the date of purchase
Please contact us directly through ebay messaging or use the ebay return process. (contacting us directly will get your return processed smoother and faster)

If you need to return an item because of fitment issues and are using the ebay return process, PLEASE USE THE REASON "Wrong Size, or doesn't fit" in the ebay return process.
We will do everything , within reason, to resolve any problems you may have with your item in the quickest and fairest way possible.


Small Parts / Electrical Parts / Mechanical Accessories:

A Lifetime part replacement warranty applies to these parts unless otherwise stated.
In the event of a claim, aaa will offer a replacement part of similar quality
The original invoice must accompany any claim for warranty
The defective part must be returned to aaa for replacement
In the event that a replacement is unavailable, aaa reserves the right to offer a full refund of the original purchase

Driveline and major components:

A 6 month part replacement warranty applies to these parts unless otherwise noted. All claims for warranty must be made within this time. Any claim made after the expiration of the warranty will not be considered.
The original invoice must accompany any claim for warranty.
Defective driveline components must be made available for inspection by aaa or a representative of aaa while still installed in the vehicle for the purpose of analysis before warranty coverage will be considered.
New fluids, filters, seal, and gaskets must be used in the installation of the driveline component. All lubricants and fluids used must be of the type recommended by the manufacturer receipts for installation items must accompany the claim for warranty.
aaa reserves the right to provide warranty repair at a facility of its choice.
The warranty term is based on the original purchase date.

Sheetmetal / Body Parts:

Unless otherwise noted, all sheetmetal and body parts carry a lifetime manufacture defect replacement warranty
The original invoice must accompany any claim for warranty.
The defective part must be returned to aaa for replacement

Our Warranty does not cover the following items:

The purchaser's loss of time, inconvenience, Loss of use of the vehicle, towing expense, installation expense, commercial loss, rental cars, or other consequential damages.
On driveline components fluids, gaskets, seals, filters, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, clutches, water pumps, wiring, thermostats, sensors, hoses, belts, frost plugs, spark plugs, and injectors are not guaranteed.
Claims that result from accident, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper maintenance, or improper installation.
Claims that result from the failure of other components.
Claims that result from overheating due to cooling system failure.
Parts installed in vehicles used for commercial, racing, or off-road purposes, or parts used for any purpose other than the original application.
All warranties are for the original purchaser only. Warranties are not transferable.

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 Starter Motor 2009 G5 Sku#2038786

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