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Stage 20 Tuner Chip Power Performance [ Add 195 HP/5 MPG ] Chevy

 Stage 20 Tuner Chip Power Performance [ Add 195 HP/5 MPG ]  Chevy

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DynaPower Stage 20 High Performance Tuner Chip with Latest Programming
Fits All Year 1996 to 2017 Vehicles

Add 195 Horsepower 
Add 118 Lb-ft Torque
Add 5 Miles Per Gallon
Add Throttle Response
Easy Install
Plug n Play
Supports Most Vehicle Upgrades (Mods)Latest Dynamic Rev. 18 Firmware (2017)
We are proud to introduce Ebay's most powerful Plug-n-Play self tuning Performance Tuner Chip. The DynaPower Tuner Chip features advanced Stage 20 programming that perfectly balances power, torque, and mpg. The DynaPower Tuner Chip meticulously monitors and optimizes your vehicles Engine Control System to increase performance and driving fun. 

This powerful plug in device connects to the OBD port of your vehicle. Once plugged in, it is completely integrated with your vehicle electronics. Via this integration, DynaPower has access to all of your car's vital operating parameters. The DynaPower Tuner Chip produces it's jaw-dropping results by specifically targeting Air/Fuel Ratio, Fuel Injector Pulse Width, and Ignition Timing.

Air/Fuel Ratio - is constantly and continually adjusted to produce a smooth running engine, with good power, high efficiency, and low emissions. Careful tuning here provides a very responsive engine. An additional 180 horsepower is very easily felt and can totally rejuvenate your driving experience.

Fuel Injector Pulse Width - is used to control how much fuel is injected into the engine. During relaxed driving, less fuel is injected. The engine uses less fuel and mpg goes way up. During spirited or performance driving, more fuel is injected into the engine to create more power. Power production goes way up and the engine can move the vehicle with vigor! 

Ignition Timing/Spark Advance - is optimized to carefully tailor the engine to current driving conditions. Adding Spark advance at low rpms, greatly increases torque production. This allows the car to accelerate briskly from a stop, up hills, and while carrying a load. The engine doesn't have to rev as high to produce big power. At high rpms, ignition timing is refined even further to produce exceptional top end power. 

Careful mastery of tuning, programming, and control afford the Shamari Tuner with great power while also increasing economy... A true win/win.

Installation is so easy anyone could do it. The tuner simply plugs into the OBD Port under your cars dashboard. This port is usually near the steering wheel on the drivers side. All vehicles made between 1996 and 2017 have this port and are compatible with the DynaPower Tuner Chip.

Should you decide to uninstall the tuner, just unplug it and your vehicle goes back to its stock (factory delivered) state. This Tuner will leave no trace that it was ever installed. This makes it perfect for leased vehicles and rental cars that must be returned in factory condition.


Will DynaPower fit my car?
-DynaPower is compatible with all 1996 to 2017 Vehicles.

Is DynaPower compatible with my DSG/CVT/Manual/or Automatic?
-This Tuner is Compatible with All transmission types.

Is DynaPower compatible with my Turbo, Supercharged, Diesel, or Gas Engine?
-Yes. DynaPower is compatible with all past and current engine technologies.

Will The Tuner Chip Void my Vehicle Warranty?
-No. The tuner never overwrites factory data and always preserves your warranty coverage. If for some reason you remove the tuner, no one will ever know it was installed.

Does The DynaPower Chip have a Warranty?
-Yes. The Tuner is covered by a lifetime warranty against defect, malfunction, or failure.

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