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Chevy HHR

PROFessional Powertrain DCEX Complete Engine (Remanufactured, Chevrolet 2.4 06-08)
PROFessional Powertrain DCEX Complete Engine (Remanufactured, Chevrolet 2.4 06-08)
List Price: $3,806.69
Sale Price: $3,795.97
You save: $10.72 (%)

Spark Plug Coil/Ignitor Fits 07-14 MALIBU 5233980

 Spark Plug Coil/Ignitor Fits 07 14 MALIBU 5233980
6 Month Warranty, Quality Tested Part

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Spark Plug Coil/Ignitor Fits 07-14 MALIBU 5233980

This ad is for a Quality tested Coil /Coil ignitor.Please see fitment areas and if you have any questions, please message us thru ebay.
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This part will fit these makes and models with these options
CAPTIVA SPORT 13 (2.4L)LACROSSE 11-13 2.4LORLANDO 12-13VERANO 12-13COBALT 06-07 2.4LG5 07-10SAAB 9-5 11 2.0LAURA 07-08 2.4LLACROSSE 10 2.4LMALIBU 07 2.2LTERRAIN 13-16 2.4LTERRAIN 10-12 2.4LCAPTIVA SPORT 14-15HHR 06 2.4LREGAL 11-13 2.0LREGAL 11-13 2.4LALLURE 10 2.4LION 07 2.2L (opt L61)MALIBU 09-10 2.4LVUE 07-10 2.4LPURSUIT 06 2.4LORLANDO 14CAPTIVA SPORT 12 2.4LCOBALT 07 2.2LMALIBU 13-14 2.4LREGAL 14-16 2.4LSKY 07-09EQUINOX 10-12 2.4LG6 07-09 2.4LG6 10 2.4LMALIBU 08 classic style (emblem in grille), 2.2LAURA 09 2.4LCOBALT 08-10SAAB 9-5 10 VIN G (4th digit), 2.0LHHR 07-11LACROSSE 14-16 2.4LMALIBU 11-12 2.4LEQUINOX 13-16 2.4LION 06-07 2.4L (opt LE5)MALIBU 08 new style (emblem in bumper cover), 2.4LVERANO 14-16SOLSTICE 06-09G6 06 2.4LSOLSTICE 10IMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4LSKY 10


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 Spark Plug Coil/Ignitor Fits 07 14 MALIBU 5233980

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