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HHR Wheels

The easiest way to spruce up the look of your chevy HHR is to give you HHR some new wheels!

The wheels off a Cobalt or Saturn Ion will work straight over on a Chevy HHR, as the bolt pattern is 5x110. Look for several things if you are buying new HHr Wheels. First off, does your HHR model have the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) ? If so, make sure you pick up a set of HHR Wheels that include the sensors. This makes it especially easy for seasonal changeovers when you remove the stock hhr wheels and replace them with your aftermarket hhr wheels.

Which size of new hhr wheel you want depends on what type of ride you are looking for, and what you use your hhr for. If you want a smooth highway ride, I would not go above a 17 inch wheel. Lower profile tires on 18 inch and above hhr wheels are great for around town driving, but can increase tire howl on your hhr and a harder stiffer ride.

If you buy a set of hhr wheels, make sure to remove them before winter if you live in a snow bound area. The road salt is known to chew through wheels pretty easily. HHr wheels are available from all type of manufacturers, just make sure they are compatible with your hhr, that it is a 5x110 bolt pattern, and that you can protect and take care of your hhr wheels. Keep your hhr wheel stock hubcaps and rims, as you may be able to use these in the winter months, or sell them as an extra set if you decide to sell your hhr down the road.

Check out the live auctions for hhr wheels.

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