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Chevy HHR

Sale Price: $36,514.55

HHR Spoiler

313c7dyjW1L. SL160  HHR Spoiler Chevrolet HHR Spoiler 2006-2010 Primer Unpainted
List Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $129.00
You save: $70.00 (35%)
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  • 2006-2010 Chevy HHR Spoiler
  • Brand New in the Box
  • ABS Plastic
  • Comes with Hardware and Template

The HHR SS and several other HHR models, such as the HHR LT1 and HHR LT2 come stock with a color matched spoiler mounted on the back of the hatch lid. These add style to your Chevy HHR. The HHR LS does not come sock with a colour matched HHR Spolier, however many dealers are known to have added one to the HHR before selling it off the lot.

An HHR Spoiler will not add any aerodynamics to the HHR. It is made specifically for appearance benefits. The HHR Spoiler doesn't do a very good job of redirecting air flow over the back window, so if you are looking to buy an HHr Spoiler specifically for that purpose, I would hold off. You can find HHR Spoilers for cheap, there are lots available and in a variety of different styles. From a snug fitting HHR spoiler as those found on the HHR SS models, to a wing type spoiler that were found on other base HHR Lt1 HHR LT2 and HHR LS models.

Installation of an HHR Spoiler is very easy, and should be accomplished by anyone who is familiar with tools and a drill. You simply use the included mounting brackets. Tape the HHR Spoiler mounting brackets to the rear deckilid, and be sure to leave enough clearance from the roof so that the trunk door will not hit the roof once the spoiler is installed. Tape the mounting brackets in place where you want the spoiler attached, then drill the holes. There will be two holes on each side. You will also want to remove the interior panel on the rear door of the HHR so that you can access your spoiler holes for mounting. Use a drill to make a wider hole on the back panel of the door (on the interior of the HHR) so that you can get your socket in there to tighten the bolts for the spoiler. This is a very easy procedure and shouldn't take you any more than 30-60 minutes to complete. Simply place the spoiler in the holes with the included mounting gear, and secure it through the rear of the HHR back door. Afterwards, open and close the rear door to ensure you mounted it correctly and that it is secure, and clears the roof of your HHR when you open the rear door.

One extra thing you may want to do when installing your new rear spoiler is to add a bit of rust proofing to the holes you drill through the rear door. You can usually use a rust proofer or a bit of color matched touch up paint for these holes. better safe than sorry. Now that your new HHR Spolier is installed, you have the looks of an upper model HHR without the thousands of extra dollars it would have cost you! HHR Spoilers.

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