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HHR Panel

The Chevy HHR Panel was released in 2008 as a way for chevrolet to capitalize on the aftermarket arena, with a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 cylinder cargo type HHR. The HHR Panel is available in all 3 model trims, including the HHR LS Panel, the HHR LT Panel, and the HHR SS Panel. The Chevy HHR Panel is basically the exact same as a stock HHR, with a few differences. For one, there are no windows in the rear of the HHR Panel, other than the actual rear window. The rear sets have been removed in the HHR Panel, and replaced by 2 storage bins, allowing for a completely flat loading floor. The rear doors on the HHR Panel are still there, however without the windows and door handles found on the stock HHR rear doors. You open the doors by using either the supplied key fob, or with two switches mounted on the HHR Panels dash.

The HHR Panel cargo areas, which are in the place of the rear seats, offer 6 cubic feet of locked storage space. This is an extra option available from the dealer. The Panel HHR comes with the same configurations overall as the passenger HHR models as well. The HHR Panel is best suited to delivery services, and business owners who want a stylish yet compact and fuel efficeint vehicle. The HHr Panel should provide you with just over 32 mpg on the highway as well. The engine comes from the ecotec family, the most widely produced engine in the world. HHr Panels can be found in all colour combinations, so choose one that suits you and your business. HHR Panel

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