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Chevy HHR

HHR Headlight Bulb Replacement

Alright, I know this is a heated subject, and no matter which HHR forum or website you become a member of, everyone has a gripe about the poor job Chevy did on the HHR headlight bulb replacement procedure! I do not have picture as of this writing, but I will give you enough detail here to help you change your hhr headlight bulbs. Also, be sure to check the following auction listings for very inexpensive H13 HHR headlight bulbs and HHR HID High Intensity Discharge headlight conversion kits.

First off, do not bother looking under your hhr hood! You need to access the headlight bulbs by going through your wheel wells. You will need to move your steering wheel so that the front of your tire points IN towards your car, on whichever side that you are planning to change bulbs. Now, along the outer lip of the front of the HHR wheel well, you will find a screw near the top. Unscrew this and keep aside. There are also two plastic fasteners along the bottom edge of the front of the wheel well that you will need to pop out. You can generally do this with a flat screwdriver, just make sure to place a cloth or rag between the screwdriver and your paint, so you dont scratch up your HHR. It may take some pulling and prying, but you WILL get them out with a little bit of force!

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* 1 Pair of H13 Super High Intensity Discharge HID Xenon Halogen Light Bulbs for Low & High Beam* H13 is a Double Filament-Detector bulb for both Low & High beam on a single bulb * Xenon Gas Filled * Hyper Bluish-White, 12V, 5900K, 60/55 Watt* HID-Look alike Halogen Bulbs* Better Visibility & brightness for driving at night* Direct Upgrade or Replacement of original stock halogen bulbs* Quick and Easy Installation* Simply remove stock bulbs and replace with these new ones, no modification needed!*** Vehicles equipped with factory installed or upgraded HID options WILL NOT work with these Bulbs!!!!

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Our Standard range offers an entry point into the world of Philips Automotive Lighting. These lights feature the same high “OEM Quality” as the lights we provide to automakers around the world. Integrating high quality into competitively priced bulbs, the Standard range offers excellent value.

Now that the screw and two fasteners are out and set aside, you can access the hhr wheel well. Pull back on the black plastic wheel well covering, and look inside. You will see the "pigtails" for the HHR headlights and, if you have fog lights, the wiring and pigtails for the HHR fog lights. Reach in to where the headlight bulb is plugged in, give the pigtails a quarter turn, and pop the headlight bulb out of the housing. Bring it to the opening in the wheel well. You will not be able to see into the hhr wheel well and headlight area while reaching in, so a word of advice is to reach in with your one arm while you stare into the headlight housing from the front of the car. This way you will get a good feel of where the wiring and pigtail is.

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Give your fog lights a unique glimmer of color with OPT7 Advanced Glow LED Bulbs The Advanced Glow Effect OPT7 Advanced Glow bulbs are designed to turn your blinding and unattractive fog lights, into less intense and custom LED lights...

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ACDelco GM Original Equipment Fog Light Bulb is a GM-recommended replacement component for one or more of the following vehicle systems: body-electrical and lighting . This original equipment bulb will provide the same performance, durability, and service life as your factory original equipment...

Replace the headlight bulb with your new H13 bulb. Now, putting the light back in is the same routine as it was getting the hhr bulb out. Just make sure you do not touch the bulb with your skin, or scratch it while trying to find the hole in the headlight housing. This is the main reason I suggest looking in through the outside of the headlight while replacing the bulbs, it will help you locate the hole. Now that you have the headlight back in, give the pigtail a quarter turn, and it should be seated. Change your hhr fog light bulbs using the same procedure if you need to. Put the wheel well lining back in place, replace the two fasteners by popping them back in, and replace the one screw you took out near the top of the wheel well. Your chevy hhr will now have new headlight bulbs!

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