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HHR Headlight and Fog Lights

If you have either a burned out HHR headlight and fog light bulb, or a burned out HHR Headlight and fog light bulb, you will need these instructions! Some mechanics have told hhr users that they need to remove the front bumper fascia to get to the headlights in order to change the bulbs. This is not true. The HHR has a unique procedure for replacing both the headlights and HHR fog lights. Check below for the detail and where to locate access to the hhr bulbs.

Each fog light and head light install are basically the same, except in reverse, depending on which side of the vehicle you are changing the lights from. On the drivers side, crank your front wheels so they are pointing right, into the wheel well area. Then, in the hhr's wheel well, there are 3 little plastic plugs that keep the wheel well liner in place near the front of the hhr wheel well. Carefully remove those 3 plugs, and use a screwdriver or appropriate sized socket to remove the screw head near the top. Now, in order to change the hhr fog lights, pull the bottom section of the liner back and slide your hand behind it. You will be able to reach to the fog lights and give the bulb in the fog light assembly, a counter clockwise to turn to pop it out. Simply unclip the bulb from the harness. Now, to re-install the new fog light bulb, clip the new bulb into the harness, and place it back in the fog light assembly, and turn it clockwise to secure it into place.

The same procedure also works for the hhr headlights, though they are located further up in the wheel well. the HHR headlights are a H13 type bulb, and may also be called a 9008 bulb, depending on the supplier. Make sure when you are handling your new hhr lights that you do not touch the glass of the bulb whatsoever! the oil from your skin will cause the new bulb to have a hot spot an burn out shortly after being used. Dispose of your new hhr headlight and hhr fog light bulbs in the trash, and you've got lots of bright white light to lit up the road in front of you for miles to go.

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