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HHR Air Intake

HHr Air Intake is an easy job that will take you less than 30 minutes to complete. Adding an aftermarket HHR Air Intake will help to add a small amount of horsepower and possibly higher gas mileage, though it has not been tested for higher gas mileage amounts.

An HHR Air Intake basically replaces the stock air filter plastic housing that is mounted on top of the engine, and eliminates the huge hassle of replacing the HHR Air Filter. As HHR owners know, replacing the air filter, or even checking it for that matter, is a tedious job unless you already know how to take everything apart.

Replacing the stock intake with an HHR aftermarket Air Intake will let you check and replace your HHR Air Filter in a matter of minutes, rather than a half hour. The benefits are clear. The ecotec gets more air, less restrictive air path to the engine, and increased horsepower. Its easier to check and replace, making maintenance easier and faster than the stock HHR Air Intake. K&N HHr Cold Air Intakes claim to increase the HHR horsepower by 9, and the Air Raid setup replace the stock HHR Air Intake, and give the HHR an increase of 8 horses.

You should be able to find a smoking deal on an HHr air intake on ebay, just make sure to shop around and get yourself a deal. The HHR suffers from the stock air intake, as it puts the owner of the car in a bind anytime they would want to change the filter. An HHR Air Intake will save you time, and increase the likelyhood that you will keep up with regular maintenance of your HHR Air Filter.

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