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Chevy HHR Reviews

Provide us a Chevy HHR Review

Do you own a Chevy HHR? Are you interested in providing us Chevy HHR Reviews? If so, please comment on this page to leave your review of the Chevy HHR.

I have owned a 2009 Chevy HHR since August 2009. In this amount of time, I have driven the 2009 Chevy HHR approximately 131,000 kilometers. I live in Canada, and deliver for a large national delivery company. The

    Chevy HHR Reviews

is simple. This car is fun to drive, and looks great. I have had no major issues, only a few minor ones, and you can read about them below.

Major issues: None. No major issues in 130,000+ kilometers.

Work done: I have taken the Chevy HHR in to GM for one safety recall. The automatic transmission shifter had an open recall. One of the pins inside of the HHR shifter may have come loose, causing the shifter to not properly show which gear the automatic transmission was in. This means, the HHR may have been in park, while it showed on the gear selector as being in drive. My 2009 HHR was not affected by this, however General Motors took in my Chevy HHR and made sure it was working as intended.

Other than the one service recall, I have also been into the dealer to check one "check engine light" situation on my HHR. The check engine light CEL came on during a drive home from work. I took it to the local dealer and they suggested fuel injector cleaning with techron be added to my fuel every 4th or 5th tank full. This helps reduce or eliminate harmful carbon deposits from fouling the fuel injectors. They cleared the code for the CEL and HHR has been running smooth since. This was at 55,000 kilometers.

The only maintenance I have had to do in my first hundred thousand plus km's, is regular oil changes. I have been changing the oil in my 09 HHR according to the DIC or Driver Information Center on the dash of my Chevy HHR. Usually I change it earlier than when the "change oil soon" light comes on, usually between 40-20% oil life remaining. I have also been using Mobil 1 5w30 in the Chevy HHR. I have read numerous articles about the benefits of synthetic oils, so have decided to use them as the main oil in my HHR.

Other than regular oil changes, I have had zero maintenance issues. The brakes are original, and still have a bit of life left on them. I bougth snow tires for the winter and am again running my stock firestone tires that came on my Chevy HHR for the summer.

I hope you have enjoyed the Chevy HHR Reviews. This is my real life experience with the Chevy HHR. Check out soon for posted comments about another Chevy HHR Review.

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