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Chevrolet : HHR LS 2007 Chevy HHR

 69402305152790090 Chevrolet : HHR LS 2007 Chevy HHR

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Current Price: 6399.00

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Vehicle ImpressionBack to Top

It's hard to find a stylish car in the economy segment, but this 2007 Chevy HHR has style in spades. Our first impression was, "wow" that is a cool car! This vehicle gleams in almost liquid black over a compact athletic appearance. Moving inside, the cabin is clean, aesthetic, and low key. There's a real sense of being protected inside this car, it feels miles away from the outside as soon as you shut the door. This car is even better when you hit the road. It's equally at home on the highway or in the city, and the grunty little 4 satisfies with a throaty metallic exhaust note as soon as you put your foot down. Condition seems typical and normal for a car only in the 50,000s. The black on black/gray color is gorgeous on this car, but don't take our word for it, See our virtual test drive. Note: that the plastic wheel covers over the steel wheels are beat up, but we left them on in case you prefer to have them until you have something to replace them with.

Virtual TestdriveBack to Top

Filmed June 2010.

Technical SpecificationsBack to TopExterior-steel wheels
Interior-A/C-AM/FM/CD/MP3jack-cruise control-power windows-power doorlocks-power sideview mirrorsSafety-Rear window wiper-Dual Front Airbags-Remote lock/unlock-Security AlarmEngine/Transmission-2.2 Liter 149hp I4-Automatic Transmission-23MPG city/30MPG HighwayBidder Checklist (Before you Bid)Back to Top

If you answer "YES" to all of the following questions, you may be a good candidate to buy this vehicle._____Are you at least 18 years old, and do you possess legal standing to enter into contracts for yourself, and / or others you represent?_____Will you have the full amount of your highest bid, the $175 seller's fee, and $20 title shipping fee ready to complete this transaction?_____Will you have a person or company that can pickup your vehicle in Chelsea, Massachusetts?_____Have you contacted the seller (ask seller a question or contact seller), and provided the number of named parties you expect to put on the title, and the state in which the vehicle will be registered? If so, did you receive an approval to bid message from the seller?_____Have you read, and are you comfortable with the terms of auction agreement posted in this listing?

FAQBack to Top

Can you summarize the transaction process if I'm the winning bidder?1. The winning bidder and / or new owner(s) secure ownership of the vehicle.2. The seller secures payment and delivers the vehicle to secure parking for pickup.3. The new owner(s) pickup their vehicle at their convenience.For a detailed step-by-step description of the process please read the terms of auction agreement.What if I pay for the vehicle and the seller never delivers it?Don't trust us, trust ebaymotors! Ebaymotors provides some very unique protections that can prevent buyers from getting ripped off. One of the most comprehensive programs is the Vehicle Protection Program (VPP) which can cover a buyer for up to $50,000 in losses. One of the coverages listed in VPP is for situations like this where a buyer pays in full for a vehicle but never receives it from the seller. We recommend you make sure you are eligible for VPP for any car you buy on ebaymotors. See ebaymotors official VPP page to confirm your eligibility now before you bid.Where do I pick up my vehicle?Picking up your vehicle is the ultimate in convenience. All vehicles sold by Hill & Rotary Auto are parked at:PreFlight Airport Parking111 Eastern AvenueChelsea, MA02150617.723.1114 phone617.884.2327 faxNo more issues and scheduling stumbling blocks, just pick up your vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week! PreFlight Parking is located near Logan Airport with frequent shuttles allowing a buyer to fly in and pickup their vehicle easily. Your pickup person simply goes to the management desk, provides their ID, and receives a key!-If you're driving the vehicle home, don't forget your license plates and registration.-I won the auction, but I'm having second thoughts, what should I do?Don't be afraid to talk to us. We understand situations can arise that a buyer may not have forseen, and a lot of times we can work with you to iron things out. However, if you ultimately decide you just can't go through with the transaction, that's alright too. It's important to us that you're happy with your new purchase, so please don't feel you need to keep these problems to yourself. If you do end up cancelling the transaction we do ask that you pay a cancellation fee of $50 via paypal to help us cover our expenses. If you have already paid, they may require additional fees for cancellation (i.e. buyer rejection). Once you've begun releasing funds to the seller however the transaction must be completed, as per the terms of auction agreement.

Terms of AuctionBack to Top

Terms of Auction Agreement

General ProvisionsBidder RequirementsWinning Bidder Provides Transaction DetailsSeller Initiates transaction, and delivers documentsWinning Bidder signs documents and initiates paymentSeller Delivery of the Title, the Vehicle and Winning Bidder AcceptanceTransaction Cancellation RightsMileage NotificationWarrantyArbitration

General Provisions: [top]"the terms" - refers to this terms of auction agreement."ebay" or "ebaymotors" - and / or and / or ebay inc."" - The escrow service provided by Internet Escrow Services,inc. of California and found at the web address is the only escrow service approved by ebay and ebaymotors."vehicle" or "the vehicle" - refers to the vehicle for sale in this auction: a 2007 Chevrolet HHR LS having the VIN number 3GNDA13D87S535395."prospective bidder" - an ebay member who has not placed a bid on the vehicle."bidder" - an ebay member who has placed a bid on the vehicle."approved bidder" - an ebay member who has received approval to bid on the vehicle from the seller through the ebay message system."unapproved bidder" - a bidder who did not receive approval from the seller through the ebay message system to bid on the vehicle prior to the auction close."winning bidder" - an approved bidder who bids on this vehicle and wins the auction according to ebaymotors. In the event a second chance offer is made to another bidder, and the bidder accepts, that bidder would become the winning bidder."new owner(s)" - one or more parties named by the winning bidder whom are intended to be listed as owner(s) of the vehicle if and when the title to the vehicle is transferred."seller" - the current owner(s) of the vehicle or the hill_rotary ebay member when acting with full permission, and on behalf of the current owner(s)."close of the auction" or "auction close" - The actual time the auction ends as posted by ebay or ebaymotors."ebay message system" - the system provided by ebay and / or ebaymotors that allows sellers and bidders / buyers to communicate via written messages sent through the ebay and / or ebaymotors websites."winning bidder's email address" - An email address named by the winning bidder to the seller for all communications between the winning bidder and the seller and / or the winning bidder and The winning bidder affirms they have exclusive access to this email address, and will inform the seller immediately if they lose control."U.S." - The United States of America."Registration State" - The U.S. state which the buyer has identified to the seller as the state where the vehicle will be registered."Secure Parking Facility" - PreFlight Airport Parking located at 111 Eastern Avenue. Chelsea, MA 02150 phone number 617-723-1114."Full payment" - The total amount owed to the seller by the winning bidder which includes the winning bid amount plus the seller's fees and title shipping fees."Transaction" - The steps described in the terms of auction agreement that take place after auction close." transaction" - The portion of the transaction managed by currency noted in these terms are denominated in U.S. Dollars.

Bidder Requirements: [top]By placing a bid on the vehicle the bidder confirms that they have read the entire terms of auction agreement, and agree to all terms found herein.-The bidder must be 18 years of age or older, and possess legal standing or authority to enter into contracts on his or her or their own behalf.-The bidder affirms they have full legal permission of each new owner they may name to manage all aspects of the auction and transaction on each named owners behalf.-The bidder affirms their responsibility for the correct spelling and accuracy of all information they provide to the seller.-Only approved bidders may bid on the vehicle. To become an approved bidder, the prospective bidder must send the seller a message through the ebay message system (ask the seller a question or contact seller) that states the number of new owners they intend to request be placed on title, and the state in which the vehicle will be registered which is referred to throughout these terms as the "registration state". The seller may follow up with additional questions for the prospective bidder before making a decision. A prospective bidder will be considered an approved bidder once they receive an approval to bid from the seller through the ebay message system. Once the bidder has been approved for the number of new owners, and registration state, they may not change these selections without requiring new approval by the seller. Any bidder who wants to change the number of new owners or registration state at any time will be automatically converted to an unapproved bidder. Even an approved bidder who wins the auction then decides they want to change the number of new owners and / or the registration state shall be treated as if they had won the auction as an unapproved bidder. The seller reserves the right to cancel the bid of any unapproved bidder without explanation. If an unapproved bidder wins the auction, the seller will have the right to cancel the transaction, and the unapproved bidder agrees to agree to any request from the seller,and / or ebaymotors, and / or the ebay resolution center to cancel the sale within 24 hours of the auction close.

Winning Bidder Provides Transaction Details: [top]
The winning bidder must provide the following information within 24 hours of auction close:-The winning bidder must supply a valid email address, referred to throughout these terms as the "winning bidder's email address",for communication between the winning bidder and seller, and the winning bidder and winning bidder must supply the name of each new owner that may be placed on the title document.-The name of the individual or name and phone number of the company that will pickup the vehicle whom is referred to throughout these terms as the "pickup person". If this pickup person is a private individual they will have to provide a government issued photo id to the secure parking facility management in order to pickup the key(s) to the vehicle. If the pickup person is an auto shipper or transport company then the company employee picking up the vehicle will have to provide a valid government issued photo id and company identification in order to pickup the key(s) to the vehicle.The timestamp on this ebay message from the winning bidder shall act as official time for delivery of information under this section.

Seller Initiates transaction, and Delivers Documents: [top] Within 24 hours of receiving the information provided by the winning bidder in "Winning Bidder Provides Transaction Details", the seller will initiate an transaction. In addition the seller will send a copy of the bill of sale to the winning bidder. This certified email process may record certain private details for the purpose of certification such as the IP address of the winning bidder's email address, and the winning bidder provides full permission for such details to be collected by the certified email provider and provided to the seller. The timestamp recorded on the right side of the transaction screen shall act as the official time that the seller initiated the transaction. The timestamp reported by the certified email provider as the time the certified email was delivered shall act as the official time of delivery of the certified email.

Winning Bidder Signs Documents and Initiates Payment: [top] Within 24 hours of the time reported by certified e-mail company as the time the certified e-mail was delivered, the winning bidder must perform the following:-The winning bidder reviews the bill of sale for accuracy.-The winning bidder must perform all action required by the email, and / or the certified email provider to digitally sign the document. Digital signature should not require any special software, but may require the winning bidder to accept an HTML email.-After signing the certified email, the winning bidder should print a copy of the bill of sale, and have each new owner sign it. This bill of sale may be required by the registration state to transfer the title, or obtain registration.-After digitally signing the certified email, the winning bidder must log into the account associated with the winning bidder's email address. If the winning bidder has not set such an account up, they must create one. The transaction will specify two phases. The first phase is delivery of the seller's fee of $175 plus the title shipping fee of $20. The second phase of delivery will be for the actual vehicle ownership as detailed in the bill of sale. Once the winning bidder agrees to the terms of the transaction, they must submit payment to by way of wire transfer. The wire transfer must be received within 48 hours of the certified email timestamp noted earlier. When has secured the funds, they add a new timestamp to indicate the time at which they officially secured funds. The winning bidder must accept the first phase which will release the seller fee and title shipping fee within 24 hours of this secured funds timestamp.

Seller Delivery of the Title, the Vehicle and Winning Bidder Acceptance: [top] Once the seller has released the funds from the first phase of the transaction, the seller will ship the title to the vehicle by way of USPS express mail to as part of their title collection service. Once has received the title, they will scan an image of the title and send this image to the winning bidder's email address. Within 24 hours of receiving this scanned title confirmation the winning bidder must sign in and release the second phase of the transaction which must release the remaining escrowed funds to the seller. Release of the second phase of the transaction represents acceptance of the bill of sale granting the new owner(s) certain rights of ownership over the vehicle, and rights to performance by the seller. Once the remaining escrowed funds have been released to the seller, the seller must deliver the vehicle to the secure parking facility within 48 hours of the official timestamp identifies as the time the remaining funds were released to the seller. The new owner(s) become the full, solely responsible, and complete owners of the vehicle the moment the vehicle is parked, and locked at the secure parking facility. The seller will deposit any key(s) to the vehicle with the secure parking facility management with directions to release the key into the custody of the pickup person identified by the winning bidder. The seller will pay for 1 day of storage at the secure parking facility after which the winning bidder will be responsible for a balance due on any additional days of storage.

Mileage Notification: [top]Actual mileage of the vehicle may be higher than listed in this auction listing, and / or on the title as the vehicle may be in use during the auction, and transaction, and for the period preceding delivery to the secure parking facility.

Transaction Cancellation Rights: [top]Failure by the winning bidder to perform actions described in these terms within the time limitations provided shall grant the seller the right to cancel the transaction. This right is preserved to prevent winning bidders from preserving their exclusive rights to participate in the transaction while violating the time restraints required by the transaction. The winning bidder may cancel the transaction before any payments are released to the seller from Once payments are released, the transaction must be completed. Before any payments are released to the seller, the winning bidder may pay the seller a $100 cancellation fee via paypal to cancel the transaction, and the winning bidder must participate in the ebaymotors resolution center process by informing ebaymotors that they chose not to complete the transaction. fees: [top]If the winning bidder releases all funds from both phases of the transaction, the seller shall be responsible for the fees including the title collection fee of $60. If the winning bidder accidentally elects to pay by a method other than wire transfer, they will be responsible for the difference in escrow fees between the standard and premier services if premier service charges are incurred. If the winning bidder declines to pay the difference in fees, the seller can choose to cancel the transaction.

Warranty: [top] This vehicle is being sold "AS IS", where is with no warranty, expressed written or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, imperfection, defect or damage. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to bid based upon that judgement solely.

Arbitration: [top]
Any controversy or claim rising out of or relating to these terms, or the breach of these terms, shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of Either party to these terms may file a case with The party that files a case with shall select the single arbitrator option when filing, and shall be responsible for paying the filing fee in full. The non-filing party shall be required to participate in the arbitration as directed by The arbitrator's decision will be binding and may not be appealed. A judgment of a court having jurisdiction may be entered upon the arbitrator's award.About UsBack to Top

Hill & Rotary Auto is a selective listing service for pre-owned vehicles located in the Greater Boston region of Massachusetts. Our service provides smooth and safe transactions between vehicle owners in our area, and buyers on the internet. We're proud that we have never been involved in a vehicle transaction in which the seller or the buyer reported dissatisfaction or negative feedback at the end of the transaction.

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