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Brand New Premium Quality A/C AC Expansion Valve Device For Chevy GM Cars Trucks

 Brand New Premium Quality A/C AC Expansion Valve Device For Chevy GM Cars Trucks
Guaranteed Exact Fit, Best Warranty, Easy Returns

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Brand New Premium Quality A/C AC Expansion Valve Device For Chevy GM Cars Trucks



As one of the world’s largest automotive parts suppliers, our parts are trusted every day by mechanics and vehicle owners worldwide. This A/C Expansion Device is manufactured and tested to the strictest OE standards for unparalleled performance. Built for trouble-free ownership and 100% visually inspected and quality tested, this A/C Expansion Device is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Guaranteed Exact Fit for easy installation 100% BRAND NEW, premium ISO/TS 16949 quality - tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications Engineered for superior durability, backed by industry leading warranty This item is covered by our 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. We offer the best warranty service in the industry, without question. We even offer advance warranty replacement and free round trip shipping!


Manufactured to meet or exceed precise quality specifications


60-40477 , 1550141 , 52495729

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This item is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our industry leading warranty. If you need any assistance, or just have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to make a confident purchase, and we continue to support you after your purchase.

This part may also be known as: TXV , TEV , Expansion Valve , Orifice Tube

fits the following:

YearMakeModelDetails2005BuickLaCrosse3.6L Engine2005BuickLaCrosse3.8L Engine2006 - 2008BuickLaCrosse3.6L Engine2006 - 2009BuickLaCrosse3.8L Engine2008 - 2009BuickLaCrosse5.3L Engine2005ChevroletCobalt2.2L Engine2005 - 2006ChevroletCobalt2.0L Engine2006 - 2007ChevroletCobalt2.2L or 2.4L Engine2007ChevroletCobalt2.0L Engine2008ChevroletCobalt2.2L or 2.4L Engine2008 - 2010ChevroletCobalt2.0L Engine2009 - 2010ChevroletCobalt2.2L Engine2006ChevroletHHRAll Models2007ChevroletHHRwith Delphi CVC Compressor Type2007ChevroletHHRwith Sanden PXV16 Compressor Type2008 - 2010ChevroletHHR2.0L Engine2008 - 2011ChevroletHHR2.2L or 2.4L Engine2004 - 2005ChevroletImpala3.4L Engine2004 - 2005ChevroletImpala3.8L Engine2006 - 2009ChevroletImpala3.5L and 3.9L Engine2006 - 2009ChevroletImpala5.3L Engine2010 - 2011ChevroletImpalaAll Models2004 - 2005ChevroletMalibuNew Body Style and 2.2L Engine2004 - 2005ChevroletMalibuNew Body Style and 3.5L Engine2006ChevroletMalibu2.2L Engine2006ChevroletMalibu3.5L Engine2006ChevroletMalibu3.9L Engine2007ChevroletMalibu3.5L or 3.9L Engine2007 - 2008ChevroletMalibu2.2L Engine2008ChevroletMalibu2.4L Engine - Non-Hybrid Models2008 - 2010ChevroletMalibu2.4L Engine - Hybrid Models2008 - 2010ChevroletMalibu3.5L Engine2008 - 2010ChevroletMalibu3.6L Engine2009 - 2010ChevroletMalibu2.4L Engine - Non-Hybrid Models2011 - 2012ChevroletMalibu2.4L Engine2011 - 2012ChevroletMalibu3.6L Engine2004 - 2005ChevroletMonte Carlo3.4L Engine2004 - 2005ChevroletMonte Carlo3.8L Engine2006 - 2007ChevroletMonte Carlo3.5L or 3.9L Engine2006 - 2007ChevroletMonte Carlo5.3L Engine2011ChevroletPick-up Truck6.0L Engine - Hybrid Models2011 - 2014ChevroletPick-up Truck6.6L Engine with Rear AC2011 - 2014ChevroletPick-up Truck6.6L Engine without Rear AC2011ChevroletSilverado6.0L Engine - Hybrid Models2011 - 2014ChevroletSilverado6.6L Engine - with Rear AC2011 - 2014ChevroletSilverado6.6L Engine - without Rear AC2011GMCPick-up Truck6.0L Engine - Hybrid Models2011 - 2014GMCPick-up Truck6.6L Engine with Rear AC2011 - 2014GMCPick-up Truck6.6L Engine without Rear AC2011GMCSierra6.0L Engine - Hybrid Models2011 - 2014GMCSierra6.6L Engine with Rear AC2011 - 2014GMCSierra6.6L Engine without Rear AC2007PontiacG5with Delphi Compressor2007PontiacG5with Sanden Compressor - with 104mm Diameter Pulley2007PontiacG5with Sanden Compressor - with 120mm Diameter Pulley2008 - 2009PontiacG5with 104mm Diameter Pulley2008 - 2009PontiacG5with 120mm Diameter Pulley2005 - 2006PontiacG63.5L Engine2006PontiacG62.4L Engine2006PontiacG63.9L Engine2007PontiacG62.4L Engine - First Design [ 7 Bolts Behind Pulley Through Body of Compressor ]2007PontiacG62.4L Engine - Second Design [ 6 Bolts Behind Pulley Through Body of Compressor ] 2007 - 2009PontiacG63.5L or 3.9L Engine2007 - 2009PontiacG63.6L Engine2008 - 2010PontiacG62.4L Engine2010PontiacG63.5L Engine2004PontiacGrand PrixAll Models2005PontiacGrand Prix3.8L Engine2005 - 2008PontiacGrand Prix5.3L Engine2006 - 2008PontiacGrand Prix3.8L Engine2007 - 2008SaturnAura3.5L Engine2007 - 2009SaturnAura2.4L Engine - Hybrid Models2007 - 2009SaturnAura3.6L Engine2008 - 2009SaturnAura2.4L Engine - Non-Hybrid Models2010SaturnAura2.4L Engine2003 - 2004SaturnIon2.2L Engine2004 - 2007SaturnIon2.0L Engine2005 - 2007SaturnIon2.2L or 2.4L Engine

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 Brand New Premium Quality A/C AC Expansion Valve Device For Chevy GM Cars Trucks

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