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Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 188146

 Air Flow Meter Fits 06 13 CORVETTE 188146
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Air Flow Meter Fits 06-13 CORVETTE 188146


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2.2L 071218

This part will fit these makes and models with these options
CTS 14-15 3.6L, VIN 8 (8th digit, opt LF3)CAMARO 10-13 6.2LCAMARO 14-15 7.0LLACROSSE 10 3.0LREGAL 12-13 2.4LSKY 07-10G6 10 2.4LIMPALA 14 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 2.4LSTS 07 4.6LVUE 07 (2.4L)ATS 16 3.6L, VIN Y (8th digit, opt LF4), ID 15865791ALLURE 10 3.0LCT6 16 3.0L, R.SRX 07-09 4.6LTERRAIN 10-11AURA 08-09 2.4LCORVETTE 13MALIBU 09-12 2.4LSRX 10-11 3.0LSTS 06-07 4.4LSAAB 9-5 11 2.0L (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LHU)TRAILBLAZER 07-08 4.2LHHR 06-11PURSUIT 05 (2.2L)PURSUIT 06 2.2LG5 07-08 2.2LISUZU I-370 07-08XLR 07-09 4.4LCORVETTE 06-07 7.0LCORVETTE 08-12ENVOY XL 06 4.2LTRAILBLAZER 06 4.2LCOLORADO 07-12HUMMER H3 07-10ISUZU I-290 07-08SAAB 9-5 10 VIN G (4th digit), 2.0L (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LHU)XLR 06 4.4LENVOY 07-09 4.2LVUE 10 2.4LLACROSSE 10-16 2.4LREGAL 14 2.4L, VIN R (8th digit, opt LUK eAssist)STS 08-09 4.6LXTS 14-16 (3.6L), VIN 8 (8th digit, opt LF3), ID 15865791ALLURE 10 2.4LCANYON 07-12EQUINOX 10-11G6 07-09 2.4LION 05-07 2.2L (opt L61)PURSUIT 06 2.4LRAINIER 06-07 4.2LREGAL 11 2.4LSTS 10 4.6LG5 09-10 (2.2L)IMPALA 09 ID 15865791IMPALA 10-11ION 06-07 2.4L (opt LE5)MALIBU 08 new style (emblem in bumper cover), 2.4LSAAB 9-7X 07-09 6 cylinderTRAILBLAZER EXT 06 4.2LVERANO 13 2.4LISUZU ASCENDER 08 (4.2L)ENVOY 06 4.2LREGAL 15-16 2.4L, (VIN R, 8th digit, opt LUK eAssist)SOLSTICE 06-10SPARK 13-15MALIBU 13-14 2.4LSTS 08-09 4.4LISUZU ASCENDER 06 4.2LCAMARO 14-15 6.2LCOBALT 05-10G6 06 2.4LTRAILBLAZER 09 4.2LAURA 07 2.4L, HybridG5 07-08 2.4LIMPALA 15-16 VIN 1 (4th digit, New Style), 3.6L, VIN N (8th digit, opt LFR)VUE 08-09 2.4L, ID 12576410VUE 08-09 2.4L, ID 15865791


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 Air Flow Meter Fits 06 13 CORVETTE 188146

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